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TrustGloves™ - And onions are the only reason
you have tears in your eyes

It doesn’t matter, if you work in the kitchen or in a workshop: your hands are always in action and deserve protection!

With our new TrustGloves you don’t need a cutting board anymore! The TrustGloves give you the security, to work with your hands, anywhere and anytime, just as you like it.

Even if you don’t work in a bustling canteen kitchen or in a factory: anybody cooks or has to handle sharp equipment. To give you a safe feeling while you work, we invented the TrustGloves!

TrustGloves are gloves made out of Polyester, high density Polyethylene, glass fiber and stainless steel, which are tough enough to resist cuts. The special fiber mix makes the gloves not only highly robust, but also hygienic. The TrustGloves can also be used, if you are working with water, oil or cleaner. A sharp razor can’t cut it and a normal kitchen knife doesn't stand a chance at all. The TrustGloves have the highest cut resistant level (Level 5 - EN 388:2003) and are therefore sturdy and cut resistant!

At the same time the fabric is very elastic and comfortable. Because of the special fabric you can also operate touchscreens, while you wear them.
We took precautions, that our product is AZO-free, striving for the highest health standards. The TrustGloves fit on the hand like a second skin.

Also useful: you can wash the TrustGloves! Even after intense work in the kitchen or workshop, you can reuse them in the most hygienic way.

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