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TrustBag BLUE - TrustBag The world's safest Bag
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All your valuables in one place:
TrustBag™ - safe, locked and at hand. 
What is the TrustBag?

The TrustBag is an extraordinary bag! The design is simple, but under the surface you can find some of the most revolutionary technology out there! We were inspired by the newest army-inventions, so the TrustBag is your answer to any security-related worries you might have. Scared of theft? Theft proof! Scared of water on your precious gadgets? Water resistant! Scared of pickpocketing? Not anymore!
Trust your bag! Don’t worry about your stuff.


Inspired by streetwear, our goal was to design a universally useful bag. Almost a gym bag in appearance, it’s easy and light to carry. The material is super soft, so the TrustBag could even be a pillow on a long flight or train ride. The bag is about 40 cm x 40 cm, large enough for all the stuff you carry with you, but small enough to never be in your way.


Besides our sweat and our drive to create innovations, the fabric is made out of the most advanced, strongest fabrics in the world. It’s handwoven out of high-molecular Polyethylen (HMWPE) and other avant-garde fibers. The fabric isn’t available on the free market (until now!) and is only used by the army for armor and other security clothing. Because of that, the TrustBag can resist cuts, ripping and abrasion! Nobody can just easily cut your bag open anymore! Your stuff is perfectly safe, no matter where you are!


The most important tool for safety is the right lock. We did a bunch of research so that we can get the best quality for our TrustBag. To make our TrustBag even safer, we offer two different locks: the German ABUS and the American Master Lock! You can choose which lock you'd like to protect your TrustBag. How are the locks different?

The Abus combination lock has a massive aluminium body with an anodized coating. It doesn't corrode and weighs only 55g. You don’t need a key - the lock has a three-digit code. The shackle is spring borne, so it’s very easy to adjust your personal code.

Master Lock is the biggest producer of locks worldwide since 1921. The American lock that we offer with the TrustBag is made out of hardened steel and conforms to any security standard of its class. Master Lock has a patented lock technique, so it can be closed and opened very easily.

We've chosen the best producers in their sector. Now it's up to you, to choose which one you like best.


We found a unique solution to lock the TrustBag in the safest way possible! We attached a flexible cut-, tear- and rip-proof wired belt (stainless steel) to the opening. Indestructible! The opening of the TrustBag is secured with the security shackle including the brass ring and the steel rivets, as well as the combination lock, which can be locked by an individual code. As many times as you like! 

This turns your TrustBag into a mobile safe wherever you are: beach, café, restaurant, hostel, hotel, office! Safety anywhere!

Our TrustBag has four straps, just like a gym bag. These straps, normally used for mountain climbing, can carry up to 1000 lbs! No chance of tearing or ripping. Get wild!


There is digital data which also needs protection. Your ID, your credit card, key cards, etc. All the data from those cards can be easily scanned with RFID: Radio Frequency Identification. Your whole financial profile is out there, unprotected! The TrustBag comes with an inner bag made out of RFID-blocking material, so your data is safe!


Speaking of blocking: Of course the inner bag of your TrustBag is water resistant! So you don’t have to worry about rain, spilled drinks, or any other liquid on the bag. All your electronic treasures such as iPads, smartphones and cameras are safe. The inner bag is made out of urethan coated 200 denier nylon fabric and the zipper is 100% waterproof. So the TrustBag easily survives short encounters with water. 


We made a video to show you how to close the TrustBag. But it’s really easy anyway: just pull all the strings, pull the belt and then close it all with the lock. Just how you would close a normal gym bag. A gym bag with the most amazing locking mechanism you’ve ever seen, that’s impervious to all the usual problems, that is. And the best part about it? If you don't want to carry your TrustBag anymore, you can simply lock it to anything you can find - be it a bench, a tree, a lantern, or something else stationary.


To all the vegan TrustBag-fans: the TrustBag is 100% vegan! It’s latex-free, UV resistant, skin-friendly, washable, dirt resistant and made in the EU!

  • CUT-Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • RFID-Block
  • washable
  • Theft-resistant
  • Ultra-soft
  • Made in Europe
  • Secure Locks
  • Designed in Berlin

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